Hahaha, that's funny...

I just read something funny. Here's what it says...

"The book of Jonah is one of the most ridiculed books of the bible,
because it tells a seemingly impossible tale of a man getting eaten by
a whale and suriving."

hahahaha! Isn't that hilarious? This book is doubted because it shows
God performing miracles. Don't all of the other books show this as
well? Of course they do! God performs the impossible! If you can dream
it, he can do it. Even if you CAN'T dream it he can do it. Because
he's awesome like that. And he can do ANYTHING.

So never say I can't. Because since God is a part of you, saying that
is basically saying God can't. Say 'With God's help ANYTHING is
possible.' Because it's true :]



If you truly seek his love you will find it. It may not be automatic,
but it's worth it.