*hee hee!*


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And a bit confusing ;)

But it's okay!! Because my blog is PINK!!!!

You know what I just thought of? I really want someone to send me a letter. The only letters I've gotten this year are two from my grandparents for valentines day, 2 from them for easter, and 3 from them for my birthday (one pair of grandparents sent two).

So if you want to send me a letter, email me and I'll tell you where I live. No way am I putting it on this blog...ick....someone might start stalking me!

I'm tired, so I'm gonna stop writing now.


GBJUI (up a letter)


*-* randommmmm....

hmmm...what to say, what to say......


*lightbulb* *ding*
oh, okay, i got something!
today kathryn told me that rabbits dont wear glasses. yayyyy....exciting, *not...*


yesterday...i gave my sisters makeovers. one was insane, one was goth. woohoo!*again, not...*

sorry, i got nothing, so...

adios! oh, and....
my advice:

never capitalize

love god

be yourself

and never drink caffeine before bed!





tOtAl ... TiReDnEsS!

Never take gym online.
I am so sick of going to the gym.

too much exercise.
never thought I'd say that.


KiLmArNoCk WaS AmAzInG!!!!!

Oh mi goodness Kilmarnock was AMAZING!!! Yesterday while we were coming back our entire van slept...hahaha. And then I was home for like 3 hours....and then I fell asleep again!! So I fell asleep at 3 o'clock and then I woke up at 7:40. AM! I slept for over 16 hours! Kilmarnock is tiring! But the services... they were life changing and emotional. Everone cried on the fourth day. It was amazing.

Oh, and my cabin was AWESOME! Our leaders were Elizabeth Auguste and Jacque Drake and the students were me, Taylor W., Kailey K., Sarah L., (my sleeping buddies!), Emily C., Kristen Y., Rachel (aka Ray and Sunni) M., Elizabeth T., Emily P., and Rachel H. It got REALLY confusing having two Emilys, Rachels, and Elizabeths. But our Cabin Devos were awesome because we were all pretty close.

At our worksite we were painting a house & it's shutters and had to go on extremely tall ladders. And we also styled Matt's hair and did cheerleading with Bailey. And our entire thing of Gatorade got poured all over Brandon. And his brother Tommy fell off of a ladder. And we talked about Jessica's boyfriend (long story).

And then the pool was ALWAYS freezing! It took like 10 minutes to get used to it!

Oh, and I forgot that I did 25 push-ups on the worksite...fun fun!

I made soooo many new friends and had soooo many new experiences and that was the best trip ever! If it happens again next year, YOU HAVE TO GO!

Walmart, ha ha.



Me....and *him*

First of all, you love my blog, don't you?

Yes, yes you do. You think it's AmAzInG....right? ;)
Well, I'll let you have your own opinions, but there is this *guy*.

JeRrY vArNeR.

And he has this *blog* that he thinks is so much *cooler* than mine. Grrr....

And I mean it's *good* and everything.... but he thinks it's sooooo much better than mine!!!!! So if you LoVe my blog *cute smile* and you want to let him know, click here and vote on his poll and vote for me, Faith.

Because you love me. You know it. :)

And if you want to HeAr why mine is so much better AND all of our AmAzInG Kilmarnock experiences click here





Today was kinda depressing. Elisabeth started crying, which made me start crying, which made Kathryn start crying.... it was so sad! (and wet...) But I refuse to let myself be sad that I probably won't see everyone again... because I plan on talking to you guys A LoT! And if I don't, I think I might cry. Again. So make sure you KIT!!! (Tuyetson, that means keep in touch, lol)

Love you guys sooooooo much! And I realized how much today, so thats not a lie at all...

Email me at faitherz@gmail.com, comment on here (I'll respond) and tell other people about this sitenso we can all talk.

BTW: Elizabeth and Brittany, you can post on here too! And everyone else, if I invited you and you made an account you can too!



Awww... Graduation is tomorrow... I mean, it's not like we're seniors in high school, but we might as well be. We're all going our own seperate directions. But each of us will take a gift from middle school, perhaps more caring, courage, maybe generosity? But to others it will just feel like the entire world you knew was falling, like you have to go onto another planet, losing those friends dear to you, wondering if you'll make new ones, worrying about keeping in touch, visiting....

If you are one of those first people, Way to go! Middle School was a positive experience for you! Yay!
But if you're one of those second people, think about it this way...

Amazing friend, love 'em to death, know each other so well you can talk without voice, are never seperated, share everything.... look at the words 'never seperated'. If you are that close, then whats a little distance going to do? Kill your friendship? No! Seperation only makes togetherness more joyous....

Of course, none of this applies to those 'private school' kids...(cough cough CJ!)

I hope you aren't as sad person #2s.



Nearing the end...

I never thought I would say this, but I'm very depressed that middle school is almost over. I mean sure, sixth grade was completely wasted, little good came out of seventh grade, and eighth grade was 'okay' but I'm really going to miss everyone.

Why did I ever agree to be in CBG? Of course, almost NO ONE is going to be at my school next year. Well, that doesn't include Elizabeth, Mikayla, Lauren, Laurel, Sekani, Linda, Brittany, Maddie, Claire, Logan and everyone else....but seriously, I am sooooo going to miss Kathryn, Maria, Leigh, Julia, Perri, Elisabeth, Casey, Brittany (x 2 minus spelling), Tuyetson, Jessica, Amanda, Heather, Emily, Michelle, Lauren, Laura, Caitlin, Natalie, Kara, Jenna, Summer, Lydia, Adam, Michael, Caleb, Zach, Gene, Dhruv, Robert, and Pryce....if I left you out dont feel bad, short on time!
And of course CJ, who's already gone....

Anyways, I'll miss you guys sooooo much. Dumb CBG.


Tinkle Tinkle little (Julia!)

First of all, the title has nothing to do with anything I'm planning on writing.
Actually I didn't plan on writing anything....hmmm

mmmk so today in math mr. parks tried to make us do work.

ha. haha.
key word: tried...

But Andys so cute, awwwww.....

Oh, whoa, bit off...

And during science we dissected a shheeeeep eye....partway through I had to take off my gloves.


But guess what?
I really don't know!


. .

i really love that face! soo cute! it looks like andy!awwwwww!

oh and guess what else?
All of the aides are having a P-A-R-T-Y!

oh yeeah!

Hey...if you comment, Im having a contest for who can write the best 6 lined poem.

have a goot day!