KiLmArNoCk WaS AmAzInG!!!!!

Oh mi goodness Kilmarnock was AMAZING!!! Yesterday while we were coming back our entire van slept...hahaha. And then I was home for like 3 hours....and then I fell asleep again!! So I fell asleep at 3 o'clock and then I woke up at 7:40. AM! I slept for over 16 hours! Kilmarnock is tiring! But the services... they were life changing and emotional. Everone cried on the fourth day. It was amazing.

Oh, and my cabin was AWESOME! Our leaders were Elizabeth Auguste and Jacque Drake and the students were me, Taylor W., Kailey K., Sarah L., (my sleeping buddies!), Emily C., Kristen Y., Rachel (aka Ray and Sunni) M., Elizabeth T., Emily P., and Rachel H. It got REALLY confusing having two Emilys, Rachels, and Elizabeths. But our Cabin Devos were awesome because we were all pretty close.

At our worksite we were painting a house & it's shutters and had to go on extremely tall ladders. And we also styled Matt's hair and did cheerleading with Bailey. And our entire thing of Gatorade got poured all over Brandon. And his brother Tommy fell off of a ladder. And we talked about Jessica's boyfriend (long story).

And then the pool was ALWAYS freezing! It took like 10 minutes to get used to it!

Oh, and I forgot that I did 25 push-ups on the worksite...fun fun!

I made soooo many new friends and had soooo many new experiences and that was the best trip ever! If it happens again next year, YOU HAVE TO GO!

Walmart, ha ha.



o2bcrazy said...

hey, what kind of trip was this? it sounds so cool!

gymnstxlvr said...

it was a mission trip for my church....well i guess it wasnt just for my church because you could invite friendz...but it was churchy and evryone cried.....