My thoughts on....Karma *for monica :]*


To put it in simple terms: for every good thing you do you recieve
something good, and for every bad thing you do you recieve something

Simple enough, right?

Well, Karma is one of the biggest parts of Hinduism. They believe that
you will be reborn until you reach enlightenment, or perfect
understanding of, well, everything. And when you are reborn, your
karma decides what kind of family/ body you are born into. If you have
good karma, and have done lots of good things then you might be born
into a wealthy family. But if you have bad karma and have done lots of
bad things then you might be reborn a peasant or even a beetle. And
this cycle of rebirth continues until you reach enlightenment. *Which
doesn't make any sense to me, how are there new people/ an increase in
population if the same people are coming back? And why can't anyone
seem to remember a previous life?*

The Hindus also have one God consisted of many Gods. They have
thousands of Gods that all make up their one big God, Brahman. And
according to Hinduism, once you have that one final death after
enlightenment you become part of Brahman.

So where am I going with this? Well, their God, Brahman, is said to
have this perfect karma. They say he's never done anything wrong or
bad, so nothing bad will ever happen to him.

But then you think, Jesus never did anything wrong either. He lived a
perfect, sinless life and look how he ended up. He had a 'perfect
karma' too, but something terrible happened to him. He was murdered
for no reason other than telling the truth.

So guys, karma isn't real. Sure, you may have something good happen to
you after doing right by someone else, but it isn't because of karma.
If anything, it's because of God's love.