mmmmm... I am sooooo tired. After school (Spanish test!) I went to the gym and took a workout class where we did all sorts of hard workouts.(It was a stregnth class!) And then I got home and ate and then I worked on my english project and started freaking out because I was too tired to do my math homework and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

the normal day in middle school life....


That's so nice...

Hey pea-oh-play!(people)
Guess what you probably did this weekend?
You probably went to the pool...
And if you went to the pool, you may have tried to tan!
And if you tried to tan, you are probably a tomato!
And that's what happens when you give a mouse a cookie!
Well...not exactly...but you get my point...well...actually...
There was no point! Yay! Pointless stories about mice attempting to tan!

Haha, wouldn't that be funny if the color of it's fur was tan? And his name was Tanner?
Flip hair, 'wooooo...'
And that, my friends, is my random story of the day!
You should really hit that little comment button down there if you're reading this! So, I know you read about Tanner the tan mouse who likes cookies! Hmmmm...I wonder...were the cookies TANgible...more hair flipping... :)




Hey again... I am so prepared to have a really boring day. Actually, no, later I'm going to my neighbor's cookout and then I'm going to Chuck e Cheese. CHUCK THAT CHEESE!

I thought I should add that yesterday I learned how to eat honeysuckle. The last one I ate was really yummy. If you don't know how to eat honeysuckle ask Kat and I at lunch on Friday. And if you don't go to our school then google it.

:) Anyone know any good youtube videos? I watched some crazy ones during orchestra...




Today the SOLs finally ended. And I SHOULD be happy...but it's just a reminder of whats to come.


Does anyone want to have a huge study party? On grammar?;)

Also, today during orchestra we watched youtube videos. It was AWESOME! There were these cool sheep.
Whoa. I sound like a total DORK.
But they were awesome.

And also this chinese beat boxing kid. And...um....uh....ick. I dont know.

So....How was your day?