Tinkle Tinkle little (Julia!)

First of all, the title has nothing to do with anything I'm planning on writing.
Actually I didn't plan on writing anything....hmmm

mmmk so today in math mr. parks tried to make us do work.

ha. haha.
key word: tried...

But Andys so cute, awwwww.....

Oh, whoa, bit off...

And during science we dissected a shheeeeep eye....partway through I had to take off my gloves.


But guess what?
I really don't know!


. .

i really love that face! soo cute! it looks like andy!awwwwww!

oh and guess what else?
All of the aides are having a P-A-R-T-Y!

oh yeeah!

Hey...if you comment, Im having a contest for who can write the best 6 lined poem.

have a goot day!


o2bcrazy said...

poems? whats the topic? sheep eyes!

gymnstxlvr said...

Whatever you want....

o2bcrazy said...

i am sad my friends have scattered
elisabeth and elizabeth
faith and kathryn
perri and davy
all i have left is julia

jk, i love u julia!

gymnstxlvr said...