One thing I've learned about prayer, is that you have to be specific.
God doesn't want to have to read your mind to find out what you want.
He wants you to tell him, specifically, what you need.

For instance, the other day, I was going to try a back handspring. I
prayed that I would have courage to execute the move correctly. I
never actually said back handspring. I said 'this move.'

That very day I didn't learn a back handspring...

But I did learn a back tuck. :)

He will ALWAYS answer your prayers....

But you have to be specific.


TuTu the Yobu said...

At least you're smart enough to actually notice he answers your prayers. I can hardly say the same thing. I rarely realize that he answers my prayers; maybe I'm just a little clueless like that...heheheheheheheeee

monica said...

That was a revelation for me.In your previous posts too you had talked about the importance of prayer.I had never really thought that being specific was that important.
I believe that he is always with me, noticing each and every move of mine and guiding me.
Anyways, will keep that in mind.

gymnstxlvr said...


And Monica...I'm glad I helped. I've missed seeing you around here!