Shakespeare and Jesus...

'God is my refuge and my strength, my ever present help in times of trouble.'

Psalm 46:1

Here is a list of what else God is....

-There with you
-Your creator
-The sacrifice
-King of Kings

Some people may think, that because he says some of these things about
himself he is a bit conceited. Well, to me, it's as the saying goes.
'It isn't bragging if it's true!'

Oops. I left something of the list.

-The truth

Actually, I left a lot of the list, because another description of God
is 'indescribable'.

Some people think of the bible as fiction, because it was written in a
time that isn't in our history books. So they don't believe any of it
was ever real. But they also believe that Shakespeare was real because
he left his books of plays, so it was impossible for him to be made
up. Even if it was in another time.

The bible is like God's personal 'book of plays'. It's showing that he
was there. And it shows you the messages he wants to get across, just
like Shakespeare.

So if you ever start to doubt the truthfulness of the bible, think
about Shakespeare. Think about how we always try to find the meaning
of his plays, and try to understand them. Do that with the bible too.
Because unlike plays, which are fiction, the bible is ALL truth! And
the truth is great.


PS: I wasn't originally going to write that. So maybe God knew that
one of my readers needed to hear this....he's awesome like that in
getting messages across :)

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monica said...

Very thoughtful fact!
No one can doubt the veracity of Bible or any other religious book.
I liked the way you co related Shakespeare and Bible.
Cheers :)