WHAM. Thank you!

If you ever need something, don't hesitate to ask. There is no shame
in asking God for help. I mean, he already knows what you need, and
he's going to provide it, but it makes him feel good to be asked. It
really does.

Like, a few weeks ago I needed COMFORT. Majorly. So I prayed for some
comfort. The next week WHAM! I got my comfort. I was soo happy :] Then
I did happy prayers :]

I also do lots and lots and lots of safety prayers. Before I go
anywhere I'm like, 'please keep us safe on our way to the *fill in the

I loove noticing when my prayers are answered. They always ARE
answered, but I don't always notice. But when I do notice....it's a
great feeling :]

g'bye now!


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