I think too much.

As the title says, I think too much. Waaaaaaay too much. And apparently, according to others, you can tell how I feel about my thoughts because my face gives it away.

Like yesterday, I was told that I looked annoyed. I was thinking about something that really annoyed me too.

And then all the time I'm told I look mad or sad. It's all because of what I'm thinking about. But occasionally, I lie and say I'm tired, just so no one questions my thoughts. Because I mean, seriously? Do I really want to spill out all of my thoughts to random people? No. I'd really rather not. And I mean, when you're annoyed, you REALLY don't want to. So sometimes I'll just say I'm tired. But there are times when I really am tired too, so I'm not always covering something up.

Guess what I finally learned yesterday??

A press handstand!! Yayz! I'd been working on that for FOREVERRRRRR. But I finally got it.

I know, I'm writing about nothing. But ze blog was looking a bit empty, ya know?

Luvv ya


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