Ain't it perty??

I changed the background..ain't it beautimous??

Anyway...all I did todayy was win mario and dance. :)
I think I've totally given up on gymnastics..but I'm working on a dance to Not ready to make nice and it's reallllyy fun(:
I love that song(:

"Forgive...sounds good..forget, I'm not sure I could..they say, time heals everything..but I'm still waiting..I'm through..with doubt..there's nothin' left for me..to figure out..I've paid..A price..and I'm still paying..I'm not ready to make nice, I'm not ready to back down..I'm still mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round."

That totally explains everything about everything that's been happening.
I want to forgive. But I don't know if I can forget. Time..isn't helping. There really isn't anything left to FIGURE OUT, per se...and yeah, I've paid a price. I'm not ready to make nice just yet, and I'm not going to just back down. Because I'm mad. I'm extremely mad. And nothing's getting anywhere. I'm just going in circles.

Yes. I'm TRYING. But I'm not GETTING anywhere and it's FRUSTRATING. And the more disappointments...just makes everything worse. SO much worse. I can't believe everything's turning out like this, but no, I'm not backing down. I'm not changing anything. For once, YOU make the decision. YOU do it. Just...!!

Um..wow. Oops.
So..onto..other..things..um..going to Kentuckyy on Sunday and I'm pretty nervous. I hate new things, but once I experience it, I'll probably wish it had never ended(:

That's just how things happen in my world.

the end.. O.o

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