Major changes.....

As you can tell if you are looking at my blog at this moment, there are some BIG changes. If you are not looking, go look. The website's url will stay the same, despite the new title. But now I'm going to give my opinion on things along with my randomness, rather than be completely random.

So today I went to church. If you've never been to church before you should come with me one Sunday. Anyways, we were having service and the question pops up: " What's more important than eternity?"

In my opinion, nothing!

The choice is yours, either live life for no reason, and then die and be alone forever, or live to collect people, so that when you go to heaven they will be there!

Again, your choice!

If I had more time I would go into more detail. Maybe later.

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Next....the ten commandments.


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