A bit bummed...

I am a bit bummed that no one has been commenting/ responding to my
posts. It's a bit sad. Tutu yobu, much thanks.

But tonight, I would like to tell some stories. Except I'm not going
to read the verses and then explain them. I am quite simply going to
tell the stories, using verses.

Actually, the stories are very similar.

A ruler tells Jesus that his daughter just died. He goes to the house
and says, 'The girl is not dead but asleep.'

But they laughed at him
Matthew 9:24

But it's true.

Jesus tells a paralytic, 'Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.'

Some of the teachers said, 'This fellow is blaspheming!'
Matthew 9:3

But he's healed, and it's true.

Two blind men have faith that Jesus will return their sight.

The crowd rebuked them and told them to be quiet....
Matthew 21:31

But their vision was repaired.

And during all of this, the Pharisees are requesting a sign. I know,
it's so stupid. There WERE signs. He was being ridiculed for no good

He's being laughed at, ridiculed, yelled at, and crucified all because
of a lack of faith.

He lived a perfect life. His life in general wasn't 'perfect', but he
was. He tried to be as humble as anyone possibly could be, but no one
kept their promises of keeping things secret, so he seemed like a big
show off. But it wasn't him.

How did he go through with his everyday life? He prayed. He gave it
all up to and for God. This is the way we have to go through life.
This is the only way we'll survive.

I sometimes wish I had been one of the disciples, so I could have
lived through it all. But I'm not scared of death anymore. Rather I am
excited to finally get to meet my creator. I am very excited.


tutu/yobu said...

Yeah I liked that story too. Wish I could bring people back to life... or maybe animals. I miss my various now-dead fish...

gymnstxlvr said...

Were they beautimous? Did they have awesome names, lol?