I'm amazed.

I love how God works in unexpected ways. He is so amazing.

I've been feeling really disconnected from God lately. If you haven't
noticed, all of my recent posts have been more...forced than usual.

Once again I had fear. I knew I needed Jesus back. So tonight, he
reassured me of how loved I am.

I went to an amazing service tonight. The main point I got from it
was: 'Know God, and love is yours.'

1 Chronicles 22:19
Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the lord your God.

Never feel as though you've learned enough and that you are perfectly
ready for him. Because in all truth, you by yourself will NEVER be
ready. No matter how much you read, how much you pray you ALONE will
NEVER be ready. You have to keep learning, growing reaching. You can
never come to a stopping point. But if you ask him to help you, ask
him to guide you, when your time comes you will be saved. He will help

Never lose faith. The words 'I can't?' should not be in your
vocabulary. Because Jesus said 'If you can? Everything is possible for
him who believes!' Mark 9:23

Everything is possible with Christ on your side! Never doubt him.
Never let others get you into the mind set that some things 'just
aren't possible.' Jesus can perform MIRACLES! He can save lives! Pray
for those you want to be healed, because the best doctor is God.

God makes me laugh. God makes me cry. But God is with me always,
always he is there.

God, thank you for all you have done today. Thank you for restoring
all faith I had lost. Thank you for taking away my fear, for showing
me anything is possible! God, I love you.


Anonymous said...

Lets compare god to a jug of milk. If you pray to the jug of milk, what reason do you have that expect that it will answer your prayers? If you do pray to this milk jug, and something that you prayed for does come true, what is the proof that the milk jug was the cause?

monica said...

Hey! have tagged you, check my post

blessedsharon said...

I understand the connection that you have with God.

Thank you for helping me find your blogspot, BTW...

All Christians go through a "winter" season at times. Sometimes the season lasts for weeks and other times it is only days. Never be afraid because our God does not sleep, He does not fail and He even loves those people who don't know Him (yet...let's hope that they know Him before it is truly everlasting too late)

I don't say that as a scare tactic (unless that would work - it would not have worked on me...) But Paul writes that we become all things to all men in order that we might win some. Every believer is precious as I am glad that you know you are ;->

Anonymous said...

Becuz Milk isn't alive and Jesus is :)