Kay, I know you people that didn't get to go to Baltimore are sick of us talking about it....


You see that picture at the top?? THAT WAS OUR AMAZING GROUP. :D WE WERE SO COOL. WE ARE cool. Like, seriously, the six of us that went off and got hats *well...I mean, David eventually joined us...so I suppose it was seven*...WE ARE THE AWESOME HAT CLUB! woooooooo!!!

The dolphin show was a bit of a fail though...'DOLPHINS have skin. HUMANS have skin. OMG!'

But the hat dude, at the mall...he was awesome. And the sunglasses dude, at the mall...he was awesome. And the creepers...at the mall...tehehehehehehehehehehe. xDD

Blonde creeper: Who are YOU looking at??
Devoo: Not at you!


And I'd say that bridge was pretty awesome too. And the three random people we made take our picture XDD

I love baltimore.

So it was funnnn....ESPECIALLY the random wandering(:


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blessedsharon said...

I am so glad that you have such a good collective memory!! The hat club will always be the COOLEST -being treated as persons of brains and worthy to be allowed to wander at random was the best part of the whole experience and set the stage for the rest.

I am so very happy for you! You...as always, ROCK! and...I would give you a hug if I saw you...I think that it's like a Faith withdrawal and so when I finally see you I have a strong urge to hug...sorry that you don't esp. want them...it seems to be a compulsion....

You know what they say about compulsions don't you? Oh...no? Well...I forgot, so....
What has Jesus been saying to you lately?
Much love, Sharon