You know how something is just so personal to you that you can only
share the full glory of it with yourself?

And then you somewhat deny it before others, because you just can't
share it with them because they wouldn't get it in full without
experiencing it?

You see, I keep repeatedly having a problem. To share or not to share.

You see, my relationship with God is...incredible. It's simply
marvelous. But for some reason I don't want to tell others how great
my relationship with God is. I'll encourage people to have their own
special relationship with him, sure, but when it comes to my own
relationship I just cannot talk. Sometimes I think it's because my
relationship with him is so great, but others seem to be struggling,
so I don't want to talk...but at other times I think that maybe my
relationship with him isn't as good as I think it is, and others are
having a better relationship than mine...and then other times I think
it would be (strangely enough) greedy to tell about mine. Because then
I wouldn't be humble. This kind of sounds strange to me, but its true.

Luke 9:48

"He who is the least among you all- he is the greatest."

I always want to be that person, so I just keep my mouth shut when
questions are aroused about God and I. Now I feel the need to let it
out, partly because I'm not completely sure who will read this, and
partly because I need some type of response.

My relationship with God....is awesome. I talk to him ALL the time and
I always get answers (some in stranger ways than others). I'm always
pointed out things in the bible. Things just kind of pop. And when I
pray I feel him right next to me. During church is strangely enough
when I feel him the least. The others teens just....aren't...as
focused, I guess. They don't get it the way I do. They haven't gotten
God to the full extent. The adults are magnificent, but to me a lot of
the other teens are just there to go through the motions.

I'm so confused. Please respond.

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