I can't believe myself...

This is what I thought about writing....

"Hey guys. I kind of don't feel like blogging tonight so talk to ya tomorrow."

But, as shocked as I am at myself, at least I got a lesson out of it. :)

What if God had was lazy? How would WE have turned out?

So why can we be lazy in our work for him? How will others images of him be?

So whenever we are doing something for God, let's use our full
potential. Let's use the strength he gave us. Let's demonstrate his
power. Let's not give up when something goes wrong. Let's keep trying!

God is here for you
When you don't have a clue
When you don't know what to do

God is always here
When you just need an ear
When you're facing a fear

He'll help you out
When you just want to pout
When you're out and about

He'll still love you
Through anything


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